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From Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright & Executive Directors of NYC Speaks

Dear Friends and Residents,

Earlier this year, we asked New Yorkers, “what do you want to tell the new mayor?” Over 62,000 of you answered the call, including 18,400 young people – the future of our city. Today, we launch the NYC Speaks Action Plan, informed by the ideas, challenges, stories and dreams of New Yorkers living across 200 zip codes in all five boroughs, workers, students, small business owners, NYCHA residents, justice-involved New Yorkers – representative of the beautiful diversity of our city.

The ethos of this project has always been for us, by us. We believe big things happen when we rally around shared priorities. It is critical that voices of people across New York City help shape the policies and programs as we emerge from a few of the toughest years we’ve experienced in recent memory.

In a city of 8.5 million people, we’re bound to have a lot of differences of opinion – we’re New Yorkers after all! What came through NYC Speaks however, are those things that we share – most New Yorkers want more affordable housing, mental health services in our public schools, community centers in our neighborhoods and jobs in growing fields like technology, healthcare, and sustainability.

And importantly, New Yorkers are hungry to be more involved – in developing policies, shaping programs and making decisions about their neighborhoods, their city. A newly appointed Chief Engagement Officer will help us do just that – fundamentally restructuring government to ensure that community engagement is central to how government functions.

We invite you to join us – whether you are a community leader, resident, student, worker, business owner or neighbor – as we work together to increase participation and strengthen democracy for a stronger and more equitable New York City.

With gratitude,

Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright, Mayor’s Office of Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Shango Blake, Co-ED of NYC Speaks

Jose Serrano-McClain, Co-ED of NYC Speaks

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